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                Vidyard Cover
                We Strive to be the Most
                Technologically Advanced and
                Trusted Manufacturing
                雷竞技newbee-主赞助商 Provider.
                We Strive to be the Most
                Technologically Advanced and Trusted Manufacturing 雷竞技newbee-主赞助商 Provider.


                Our relentless drive to tailor SOLUTIONS for each customer builds lasting partnerships. We connect an unmatched breadth and depth of end-market experience, technical capabilities, manufacturing know-how, supply chain insights and global scale to enable each customer’s success.
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                We are innovators at heart; and we think BIG. Our culture of INGENUITY means our customers get access to the industry’s best design, engineering, and next-gen technologies at incredible scale… before they even ask. Our customers’ boldest aspirations are always within reach.
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                Putting analytics to work for our customers has enabled Jabil to build one of the most sophisticated supply chain capabilities on the planet. This applied data INTELLIGENCE is also what drives our ability to help customers win in an increasingly digital, connected world.
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                “Do the Right Thing” has been our mantra for over 50 years. Our partnerships, experience, business model and CREDIBILITY make us the trusted pair of hands our customers rely on.
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                We are a humble brand that exists to serve our customers. But, as a responsible global citizen, we are proud to champion a common purpose to make a positive IMPACT for our customers, our communities, and the environment.
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                Having over 260,000 diverse and talented people around the world is our biggest differentiator. Everyone’s voice is heard, and we work together to bring OPPORTUNITY to each other, our customers and our shareholders.
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